29 Best Beaches in Queensland with Map & Photo’s

Best Beaches in Queensland & Map, for you to Explore

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Do you find yourself daydreaming about escaping to a sun-soaked beach? Then, you must know where to find the best Beaches in Queensland! Imagine yourself feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and the sensation of sand between your toes, all while hearing the soothing sound of waves crashing in the distance.

I’ve spent most of my life living in Queensland, and exploring the coastline are some of my favourite moments. The Coast stretches over 2000 kilometres with so many different towns, Islands, and off-beat locations to visit, which contain some absolutely stunning beaches.

Whether you’re looking for an idyllic tropical paradise with translucent waters or a rugged stretch of coastline with plenty to explore, this is the spot for you.

So, stay tuned below, and let’s how much I can entice you with this list!

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How many Queensland Beaches are there?

Can you believe there are over 1700 beaches in Queensland? That’s right! From the northern tip to the southern end near the Gold Coast, there’s no shortage of places to plant your beach towel and soak up the sun.

Today, I wanted to feature just a few of these beaches in my blog post but trust me, they are some of the most outstanding. On the other hand, you can watch my You Tube HERE for a visual affect, But trust me, You won’t want to miss these gems along the coast!

Map of the Best Beaches In Queensland

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Map of the Best Queensland Beaches

1. Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet (Whitsundays)

What can I say about Whitehaven Beach or Hill Inlet, It’s worth visiting and needs to be seen to be believed. If you can only visit one Queensland beach with crystal clear water along the coast, then the Whitsundays is where you need to go.

This is a bucket list destination in Australia, visited by over 750 thousand tourists each year and an easy day trip from Airlie Beach. Many will road trip from Brisbane to Cairns or Brisbane to Airlie Beach and have Whitehaven beach as a highlighted stop.

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Whitehaven beach is like walking on snow and made up of white silica sand that will get into almost everything. Consequently, this is the same type of sand that you can find at Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island. This is the perfect type of sand for an exfoliation treatment, so you can lie on the beach edge while rubbing it over your legs and arms.

Hill Inlet is a popular viewpoint over the Whitsunday Islands and a “Must Do” stop for the beautiful blue waters and several white sandy beaches. It’s even better when you see it from the Air!

Tour boats will anchor in a cove, tender you to shore for a short hike to the lookout point. Be surprised, amazed, and in awe over the view that you will never want to leave.

Don't miss the views at Hill Inlet on your Airlie Beach Itinerary
Don’t miss the views at Hill Inlet on your Airlie Beach Itinerary

2. Radical Bay

Magnetic Island lies off the coast of Townsville in the North and has about 2000 permanent residents. There are many different beaches you can explore on a day trip to the Island, but today I’m only mentioning Radical Bay.

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Radical Bay is not the easiest to access and will require a four-wheel drive. However, you can return hike there in a few hours (if you’re keen). The beach is very isolated from the rest of the Island, and you won’t find a lot of tourists there. On the other hand, there are no facilities or conveniences at Radical Bay, but there are close by and plenty on the Magnetic Island itself.

The beach is lined by fascinating palm trees and crystal clear waters. The cove is surrounded by big rock boulders, which are popular all over the Island. Therefore, escape to your own island beach paradise and visit Radical Bay today!

Radical Bay on Magnetic Island
Radical Bay on Magnetic Island

3. Catseye Beach

Picturesque Catseye Beach is a sandy crescent moon shape. It is well-known for its beautiful views of the royal blue reefs and forested mountains of Whitsunday Island.

Regarded as one of Hamilton island’s best beaches, Catseye beach is convenient and offers many activities, such as swimming in the shallows, paddle boarding, or kayaking along the coastline. You could even snorkel to find turtles and explore all that this beach has to offer!

After a long day of exploring, take some time to stroll along the picturesque 0.8-kilometre beach admiring Whitsunday Island’s lush greenery and mountain landscape. You can rent a sun lounge and umbrella or simply lay out a towel on the sand to relax while listening to the sound of waves crashing nearby.

Don’t forget to take a dip in the warm water before heading back to your resort!

Hamilton Island - Catseye Beach - Whitsundays Queensland - Brisbane to Airlie Beach Road trip
Cats Eye Beach on Hamilton Island, Whitsundays

4. Nudey Beach on Fitzroy Island

Laze on the white sand of Fitzroy Island, a large continental island located 29 km south of Cairns in the Far North Tropical. Luckily you can choose to stay on the island for an extended day or day trip from Cairns for a taste tester.

With coral reefs and rich marine life surrounding the island, there’s plenty to explore both underwater and on land, where 95% of the island is covered in protected rainforest.

The Fitzroy Flyers run three times daily and will take you a 45-minute ride from Cairns to Welcome Bay. When you arrive, you’ll be placed right in front of the eco-friendly, comfortable, and affordable Fitzroy Island Resort.

From Welcome Bay, you can commence your walk south along the Nudey Beach Walking Track. The track is located behind Foxy’s bar, and it only takes 15 minutes to stroll through tropical rainforest and coastal woodlands before culminating at the stunning white coral beach.

This is a lovely, leisurely walk where you can fully appreciate the gorgeous natural scenery and catch glimpses of local wildlife.

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5. Palm Cove

The city of Cairns is the last major town along the coast, with a population over 150 thousand people. This is your international gateway city and is visited by over 3 million tourists each year.

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The Palm Cove beach is about 30 minutes north of Cairns and on your way to Port Douglas. It offers visitors and locals a relaxed beachfront village with its palm-fringed beach. Melaleuca trees overhang on the rooftops, which adds to the vibe of relaxation. The waters around here remain warm and inviting all year round, along with the clean, soft sand.

Radical Bay on Magnetic Island
Walking the cobble stone path at Palm Cove in North Queensland

6. Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach is a stunning Queensland beach and a beautiful backdrop to the small town of Port Douglas. Obviously, it stretches this length along the coast of this North QLD town, and popular for casual walks, getting some sun, and exercise. It features some nice clean sand, lined with palm trees, and beautiful blue waters.

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There is a calm surf, and lifeguards patrol along the popular end of the beach, all year round. Furthermore, you can hire tables and umbrellas for the day while you soak up the sun.

Aerial view of Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas
Aerial view of Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas

7. Mission Beach

Less than 1 thousand people are living in the town of Mission beach, which is situated along the Cassowary coast in the North. There are very few crowds, local hospitality, and of course, a beautiful palm tree-lined Beach. In fact, Mission Beach is known for palm trees with an extra lean, which is almost 45 degrees from the ground.

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Gaze out onto the waters while you are on your sunset walk and see the nearby Dunk Island in the distance. Hire a jet ski and explore the area or venture inland to the dense forest and see if you can find a Cassowary.

Mission Beach and Dunk Island in the Distance
Mission Beach and Dunk Island in the Distance

8. Ellis Beach

This would have to be one of your top spots to visit for isolation, making it one of the best unknown Beaches in QLD. As much as it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump from Palm Cove, it’s more likely to catch it on your own. It stretches for about 2 kilometres and is located along the Captain Cook Highway, otherwise known, as the Great Barrier Reef Drive.

Enjoy the best of the North by staying in the Bungalows across the road, or grab a bite to eat at the Beach Bar & Grill. However you’re enjoying Ellis beach, you not going to regret it, and it’s a perfect day trip from Cairns.

Ellis Beach located north of Cairns
Ellis Beach located north of Cairns

9. Cape Tribulation

There is no place on earth where you can step straight off the beach and into the rainforest. In fact, there are plenty of Rainforest accommodation options in Cape Tribulation, which are just metres away from the Beach. Imagine yourself in a jungle and opening up into those white sandy beach settings.

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Cape Tribulation ( or Cape Trib to the locals) is only two and a half hours north of Cairns and has a population of about 120 people. Obviously, these locals are servicing the tourism industry and helping you enjoy their little slice of paradise.

Where the Rainforest meets the beach in Cape Tribulation
Where the Rainforest meets the beach in Cape Tribulation

10. Bribie Island Beach, Brisbane

The beautiful Bribie Island lies off the coast of North Brisbane and is the forth largest sand island in the world and one of the few islands that you can drive to. Separated by the Pumicestone passage, you have the east side with low-key swimming with the west side(ocean facing), where you’ll find the surf.

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Over 16 thousand people live there, with a great selection of shops, groceries, restaurants, and cafes. Bribie Island is actually a National Park, it allows beach driving, along with some of the best beach camping spots. Permits and fees apply to enter the National Park area, but well worth the visit. Water sports are very popular with jet skiing, fishing, and boating.

Beachside Bribie accommodations are easy to find, along with easily assessable caravan parks, Hotels, Resorts and Airbnb holiday homes. Next time you’re looking for areas near Brisbane to visit, then Bribie Island will be a great spot to try out!

Bribie Island Beach Drone Shot QLD Australia - Queensland Beaches
Bribie Island, Brisbane

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11. Tangalooma Beach, Moreton Island

The Tangalooma Island Resort is your perfect Island Paradise, and so close to the capital city of Brisbane. Therefore, it’s easy to access for a day trip from Brisbane or stay for longer in any holiday home accommodation. It’s known for the famous nightly Dolphin feeding or snorkelling the best wrecks. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy this Island Paradise.

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Many different tour boats will take the 1.5 hour journey across Moreton Bay. This includes the Tangalooma Flyer passenger ferry, which leaves several times a day. There are four-wheel driving opportunities in the sand and car carriers available to get you there, along with beach camping.

There is an Eco-friendly Resort that uses solar power on the third largest sand island in the world and they’ve created a lot of activities that limit the tourist footprint on the Island. Take your views even further with a 10 min flight – you won’t regret it!

Tangalooma Island Resort wrecks - Beaches in Queensland
Tangalooma Island Resort Wrecks

12. Point Lookout beach – North Stradbroke Island

Point Lookout is located on the northeast side of North Stradbroke Island and is a popular spot for socializing. There are several local cafes, boutique shops, and breath-taking views. The natural environment will astound you with its kilometres-long surf beach and towering rocky headlands.

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Point Lookout also offers one of Australia’s best land-based vantage points for observing dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and migrating humpback whales (Seasonal from June to November).

You can relax on one of the patrolled beaches, go four-wheel driving, or explore some of the best dive sites and surf breaks in the world. Then treat yourself to a delicious gelato while overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

There is a wide range of accommodations at Point Lookout, from camping and backpacker lodges to bed and breakfasts, luxury units, and stunning holiday homes – many with private whale-watching towers.

Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island - Brisbane Day Tours
Point Lookout Coastline views from North Stradbroke Island

13. Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island

There are so many different Stradbroke Island beaches for you to explore, and therefore, very hard to round down to just one. I suppose I have picked Cylinder beach for its location, facilities, accessibility, and suitable for everyone.

North Stradbroke Island lies off the coast of Brisbane, the second largest sand island in the world, and a 40-minute ferry ride away. You have the option to take your own car to the island, hire transport over there, or use the Public Transport System.

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North Stradbroke Island has 2000 people permanently living there and convenient facilities for whatever kind of holiday you’re after. The beach itself has some low-key swimming, plus some surf. Obviously, weather conditions control the waves but are mostly protected from the extreme.

You have several different spots to park, beach hotels for food, and a selection of accommodation facilities.

Cylinder Beach - Stradbroke Island Beaches, Queensland Beaches
Cylinder Beach – Stradbroke Island

14. Streets Beach

Are man-made beaches going to be included in this collation of Beaches in Queensland, well why not? Streets Beach or Kodak Beach is right in the centre of the bustling capital city of Brisbane, in the South East corner of the state. It may not be one of the biggest, but certainly does get the tourists/ locals jumping in for a quick dip and known for ones of the best places to swim in Brisbane .

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If you’re ever visiting Brisbane, then it’s couldn’t be more convenient to visit Streets Beach at Southbank. It overlooks the city’s high-rise buildings and is included in a suburb packed full of entertainment for the young and old. This includes Museums, art galleries, restaurants, the giant Wheel, the Nepalese pagoda left over from Expo 88, and the Library.

Streets Beach located at Southbank in the capital of Brisbane - Beaches in Queensland
Streets Beach located at Southbank in the capital of Brisbane

15. Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise is tourist central and home to one of the most famous areas in the world. People were flocking to the areas back in the 1980s and eventually became the sixth-largest, non-capital city in Australia.

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The coastline has been built-up with high-rise buildings, skyscraper holiday accommodations, restaurants, and cafes. Additionally, with entertainment and activities galore, especially in the water with Jet Skiing tours, Surf lessons and Jet Boating experiences.

This area has two kilometres of beautiful white sand, fully patrolled during the day. The surf ranges from day to day depending on the conditions, but you’ll see bodyboarders, kayakers, paddle boarding, and swimmers out there every day.

The sun will rise over the ocean, and a great time to sit on the sand to watch. Alternatively, the evening can bring some nice colours with the sun setting being the high rise buildings.

Sunset Surfers Paradise - Aquarius Traveller - Queensland Beaches
Sunset at Surfers Paradise Beach – One of the more popular beaches in Queensland

16. Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast

Tallebudgera Creek is your alternate Gold Coast beach in Australia to visit when you don’t want the huge crowds like Surfers Paradise. The area features a low-key crystal clear creek and a surf beach. With this in mind, you will find it suits every kind of beachgoer, including families, kids, and even the family pet.

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This is also a patrolled area, and you can feel safe knowing that someone is always on the lookout for you. This is a brilliant spot for canoeing, paddle boarding, even swimming or surfing lessons. Tallebudgera is lined with picnic tables, toilets facilities, and many kids will jump off the walking bridge into the water.

Whatever you’re into, the beauty of Tallebudgera Creek will surely impress you as one of your best swimming areas on the Gold Coast. And, If you’re looking for something to eat, then the Surf Lifesaving Club could be a good option.

Day Trips from Brisbane, Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast - Day Trips from Brisbane - Queensland Beaches
Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast

17. Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Burleigh Heads beach is the last Gold Coast beach I will be featuring today. With over 50 kilometres of sand stretching over this section, it’s hard just to pick three. Burleigh Heads is starting to get a little further south and less touristy, but still a popular spot with plenty of facilities.

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The beach if still lined with high rise buildings and holiday accommodations. Spent you days lazing on the beach or getting your daily exercise by walking the shores.

The Burleigh Foreshore is lined with parklands from the Burleigh Heads National Park, perfect for a picnic or barbeque. There are regular arts and crafts markets where you can admire the local talents. Furthermore, ocean Front dining provides some amazing views while you enjoy a delectable meal. Enjoy your next holiday at this fantastic Location on the Gold Coast!

Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast - Queensland Beaches
Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast

18. Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast

Noosa Main Beach or Noosa Heads is one of the more popular spots to hang out on the Sunshine Coast and connected to the Noosa National Park. Hastings Street is Noosa Central and only a short walk away from this amazing beach, protected by a 2000 hectare National park headland.

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The main Boardwalk is a short walking distance from the beach and home to many different shops, restaurants, and holiday apartments. As you walk further around the headland and into the National Park, you have more selections of private coves and ideal swimming spots. This includes but is not limited to the famous Noosa Fairy Rock Pools.

You can hike along the edge of this headland, which is called the Noosa Coastal Walk( in the National Park), where you can see a variety of wild animals like koalas. This connects Noosa Main beach to Sunshine Beach.

It’s no wonder the Noosa will receive about 1 million tourists each year.

Noosa Heads Views Sunshine Coast - Brisbane to Cairns - Short Breaks from Brisbane - Beaches in Queensland
Noosa Heads Views on the Sunshine Coast

19. Kings Beach

If you’re looking for one of the surfing beaches to visit, then look no further than Kings Beach. It’s located in the Southeast, one of the treasures of Caloundra, and on the Sunshine Coast. This is conveniently lifeguarded, and turns out to be very popular for the locals.

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Kings Beach contains a myriad of resorts and accommodations, which all seem to be metres away from the beach or face the ocean. Caloundra is a bustling community with a laid-back lifestyle, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Whatever you are into, there will be no shortage at Kings Beach in Caloundra.

Aerial View of Kings Beach in SouthEast Queensland
Aerial View of Kings Beach in South East Queensland

20. Mooloolaba Main Beach

Mooloolaba Beach is included in our list of areas on the Sunshine Coast, lifeguarded and popular with the Surfers. It’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy, and was also voted 4th best beach in Australia by TripAdvisor in 2019. Adding to another great spot in the South East and located on the Sunshine Coast.

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There is no shortage of things to do in the area, from retail shopping, local boutiques, restaurant, cafes, or even the Sea Life Aquarium. You can score a brilliant seafood meal almost anywhere and a lovely esplanade of choices.

21. Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island ( K’Gari)

Can you ever imagine a freshwater lake looking this good? The crystal blue waters and fine white sand, are what you’re going to find at Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island ( K’Gari). Laze on the beach, jump in for a swim, or spend your day hiking around the edges. Whatever you do, you will be sure to enjoy it at Lake McKenzie.

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Fraser Island lies off the coast and is accessed by ferry from Hervey Bay and Rainbow beach. It’s part of the Great Sandy National Park and the world’s largest sand island.

The Island receives over 300 thousand tourists each year and is a popular spot for beach camping and holiday rental along a seventeen-mile beach. Accessing Lake McKenzie is only by four-wheel-drive (like the rest of the island) and requires navigation through a lot of thick, sandy tracks. Any effort to get there is well worth the visit and conveniently by tours if you don’t have your own four-wheel drive.

Lake McKenzie - Fraser Island - Beaches in Queensland
The amazing fresh waters of Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island

22. Rainbow Beach

The small town of Rainbow Beach has a population of 1200 people and is located about 3 hours north of Brisbane. It’s also part of the Great Sandy National Park( Like Fraser Island or K’gari). Many people will use Rainbow Beach as their gateway to Fraser Island, but it does have its own drawcards as well.

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How about a small hike and swimming in the fresh waters of Poona lake. Exploring the 15-hectare sandhills of the Carlo Sand Blow or treating yourself to some sand tobogganing.

There are plenty of accommodation options and a nice selection of local stores, cafes, restaurants, and the ever-popular Pub. Furthermore, it’s not that far off the highway and very easy to drive to in a standard two-wheel drive car.

Rainbow Beach Sunrise, QLD Australia - Short Breaks from Brisbane
Rainbow Beach would have to be one of my favourites.

23. Double Island Point Beach

Double Island Point is one of the most iconic points of interest in the Cooloola Recreation Area. It is located in the Great Sandy National Park and features a scenic headland and one of my favourite beaches in Queensland to visit. 

The only way to get to Double Island Point is by a high-clearance four-wheel-drive vehicle. This will be driving along Cooloola’s beach between Noosa North Shore and Rainbow Beach ( You can start from either one).

Being cooped up is no fun for anyone! Therefore if you don’t have a 4WD, then you can get energized by exploring the great outdoors with the Double Island Point walk! This full-day hike starting from Rainbow Beach will have you following an old lighthouse telegraph line along high coastal dunes.

As you explore, keep your eyes peeled for any old posts that may still be standing among blackbutt trees. Once you work up a sweat, cool off by splashing around in the lagoon at the base of Double Island Point headland.

While there, take a moment to watch surfers catch some long and rolling waves. If that sounds like too much exertion, don’t worry! You can always go at your own pace before making your way back to Rainbow Beach.

And if the views are what you’re after (and really, who isn’t?), make sure to climb all the way up to Double Island Point lighthouse for sweeping panoramas of both north and south coasts as well as unforgettable views of the ocean.

Views of the Coloured Sands from Double Island Point
Views of the Coloured Sands from Double Island Point

24. Woodgate, Bundaberg

There are many different Bundaberg beaches to discover, but none are quite like Woodgate beach. The white sandy shores stretch for over 16 kilometres and a brilliant addition to our beaches in Queensland selection. This is a small country town, with about 1000 permanent residents and about 40 minutes from the town of Bundaberg.

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The Caravan Park is also your only fuel station, a small grocery store, a couple of cafes, and a pub. Many tourists will enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and limited crowds. Consequently, the accommodation options are limited but are both camping and cabins straight across from the beach.

Spend your afternoons swimming in the calm waters or walking the beachline at sunset. Pack a picnic and have a romantic day trip from Bundaberg. Either way, you’re going to enjoy this isolated beach.

Woodgate Beach | Beaches in Bundaberg, Beaches in Queensland
Woodgate Beach, Bundaberg

25. Mon Repos Beach, Bundaberg

Mon Repos is another beach in Bundaberg I wanted to mention, but not for its beachside quality. This beach is special due to the amazing Turtle experience you can enjoy between October and March each year.

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The seasonal Loggerhead turtles will visit Mon Repos Beach from October to January to lay their eggs in the sand. This is controlled and monitored by the Bundaberg Council rangers, and you can purchase tickets to see this amazing site.

After an eight-week gestation period, the eggs will start to hatch, which is very common from December to March. Seeing the baby Loggerheads turtles running down the beach is a unique experience and one your not going to forget. Primetime to visit would be through December and January, when you could experience both eggs laying and the hatching, but more likely that you will only see one.

Bundaberg Turtles | Baby Hatchlings crawling to the water - Aquarius Traveller
Turtle Hatchlings making their way down the beach in Bundaberg

26. Agnes Water

The beautiful Agnes Water or Seventeen Seventy is located in the central part of the state and about 5 hours north of Brisbane. Both are quiet little beachside towns, with a population of over 2000 people combined. Agnes Water beach is known for is surfing and drawing a younger crowd. However, all kinds of beachgoers enjoy this quaint little spot for its isolation and kilometres of beach to explore.

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The town itself has a great community with plenty of facilities. There are many seaside cafes, and while known as a fishing village, many delectable seafood meals are on order. There is a choice of fixed accommodation options, as well as cabins and camping right beside the beach.

Apart from that, you can enjoy many different activities like hiking the red rock trail, taking a day trip to Lady Musgrave Island, Walking through the Instagram-worthy Paperbark Forest, or taking a ride on the amphibious LARC vehicle. Whichever way you like to enjoy your holidays, Agnes Water is one spot you need to check out.

Agnes Water Drone Photo QLD Australia - Beaches in Queensland
Agnes Water stretches on for miles

27. Cape Hillsborough, Mackay

Once again, I have included a beach due to the wildlife experience and not necessarily for the beach itself. Cape Hillsborough National Park is located about 40 minutes north of Mackay and is known for its unique wild Kangaroo experience.

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Each morning at sunrise, wild kangaroos will come out from the surrounding bushland to feed on the pods and seaweed leftover from high tide. You will have to be an early riser for this one and ensure you get down to the beach around first light ( about 30 minutes before sunrise). The kangaroos do not stay around for long, and within 30 minutes after the sun has risen, they will disappear.

If you’re looking for a convenient place to stay, then the Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park is the best spot, and the kangaroos gather right in front of the park, on the beach. Not only that, but they will be lazing around the caravan park during the day, finding shade.

Cape Hillsborough Kangaroos | Amazing Morning Beach Experience - Beaches Queensland - Brisbane to Cairns Road Trip
Cape Hillsborough Beach Kangaroos

28. Seaforth Beach ( Mackay)

Looking for a picturesque place to spend your holidays? A trip to Seaforth Beach will take you past lush subtropical rainforests and many sugar cane fields. Seaforth itself is a charming little beachside town and is popular for recreational fishing. It’s a favourite in the Mackay Region, especially with a boat ramp at Victor Creek.

Today, Seaforth’s sugar and tourism industries are booming. The town offers a bowling club, public toilets, a swimming enclosure, and a caravan and camping area located right on the beach.

Other nearby places include Cape Hillsborough and the wild Kangaroo experience, Ball Bay, and Halliday Bay. 

Seaforth Beach, Queensland Australia
Seaforth Beach, Queensland

29. Yeppoon Beach

When it comes to beaches in Queensland located in the centre, you don’t have a lot of options. However, Yeppoon beach would have to be one of your best, which has tourists returning again and again. It lies on the Capricorn coast in a small community of 20 thousand people.

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All year round, people will use the beach for swimming, sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, or simply watching that beautiful sunrise coming over the ocean. Apart from that, it looks over to Great Keppel Island, which is also an exceptional day trip location for snorkelling.

Yeppoon Beach in Central Queensland - Beaches in Queensland
Yeppoon Beach in Central Queensland

About Queensland

Queensland is the second-largest state in Australia and home to over 5 million people. Tourists will visit the sunny state for beachside accommodations, The Great Barrier Reef, and the laid-back Atmosphere. This is what you can get by exploring some of the best beaches in Queensland.

With the state being so big, the climate does vary. There is a lot of rainfall along the coast, with the wet season ranging from December to February. Snow will be rare, but it can happen in the higher, southern regions like Stanthorpe. 

The state capital is Brisbane, with is located in the southeast corner, north of the Gold Coast. The rest is the state is split into section like Tropical North QLD, Central QLD, Southern Country Queensland and Outback Queensland.

Which beaches In Queensland can you swim in?

Most of the areas mentioned in todays blog is suitable for swimming, but there are some warnings or considerations.

  • Mon Repos Beach is mentioned for the Turtle interactions and not necessarily the beach. It is fine for swimming, but you won’t find a lot of people doing it.
  • All the Northern locations do have a crocodile warning and while some locals will swim in these waters, it’s not advisable for tourists. Unless on one of the Island Coral Cays, or reef system.
  • Another concern for the North is the Stinger season during the Summer from November to February and the need to wear a Lycra stinger suit. Truthfully a stinger suits is safer to wear all year round.
  • Cape Hillsborough is mentioned for the Kangaroo Interaction and you won’t find a lot of people swimming here either. Although, getting closer to the Northern beaches and there is also a concern for Crocodiles.

What is the nicest beach?

Its a tough call to name the nicest beach in Queensland, especially when I decide what’s nice for me, isn’t necessarily what’s the nicest beach for you. But, what makes it the nicest beach? It could be the beautiful white sand, popularity, isolation, animal interactions, clean waters, or low surf/ high surf.

For me, If I was the name the nicest beach for me, it would have to be for raw nature and beautiful isolated scenes. In this case, Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point, Lake McKenzie, Whitehaven Beach and Woodgate would be the highest on my list.

What are the most popular beaches in Queensland?

Once again, popularity might come from ease of access and tourism hubs. If this is the case, I would have to say the most popular beaches is Surfers Paradise and Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays.

What is the whitest beach?

I would have to think there is a couple of contenders in this category. This would comes down to Whitehaven beach in Whitsunday Islands and the beachside on Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island. Both are made from white silica sand and very fine to touch.

Unfortunately, neither one of these are available along the coast and in fact, both on Islands in QLD.

Stingers Season along the Coast?

Stingers or otherwise known as Jelly fish are common in the North Queensland areas. This includes types like Portuguese Man o’ War, the deadly Irukandji and the Australian sea wasp. During the summertime, they are more common and it’s best to wear a Lycra or a Stinger Suit if you go swimming in the water. This will reduce the likelihood of being stung by 75%.

NOTE: A thicker wetsuit will provide the same protection

Wintertime, from May to August is a better time to swim without suits on, but you do still need to be mindful of the crocodiles. As for how far south do the Stingers go, well this depends on the water temperature. However, they have been known to go as far south as Gladstone in central QLD and Cooktown/Cape York in the north.

Which parts of Australia has the best beaches?

There is about 12,000 beaches in Australia, so if you were to see one beach per day, it would take 32 years to see them. SO, which one’s do you think you will be crossing off your bucketlist.

I have some chooses below that are highly rated around the country, so it’s might help you round them down.

  • Vivonne Bay Beach – Stunning, clean beach on Kangaroo Island, Off the South Australian coast.
  • Whitehaven Beach – This one is in the Whitsunday islands and mentioned above.
  • Bells Beach – Some of the best surf in the world and a popular stop getting close to the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne.
  • Wineglass Bay – Popular hiking spot for a brilliant lookout point for this beach in Tasmania.
  • Bondi Beach – One of the most popular locations in Sydney, Australia
  • Cable Beach – Famous for the sunset camel rides along the Western Australian coast.
  • Burleigh Heads – Also on our list mentioned above on the Gold Coast.
  • Hyams Beach – Part of Jervis Bay in New South Wales, just south of Sydney
  • Lucky Bay – Southern Western Australian beach with amazing white sand and blue waters.
  • Mindil Beach – Darwin’s only beach in the Northern Territory.
  • Cottesloe Beach – One of the more famous ones in Perth, Western Australia.

Wrap up to some of the Best Beaches in Queensland

Thanks for reading my list of the best Beaches in Queensland. I will be updating and adding more beaches to this list as I go along, so please find me again later. If you’re still researching, check out my other Queensland Blogs for inspiration.

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