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Are you staying in Brisbane and wanting a close beach location to visit for the weekend? Tangalooma Island resort is only a short catamaran ride away and very easy for you to explore the Things to do on Moreton Island. It’s an awesome place to unwind for the weekend, the third largest sand island in the world and the ferry is leaving from the Holt street wharf a couple of times a day. You could be enjoying the Island Life sooner than you think!

Below will give you some ideas on what your going to see and help book the tours to get you there.

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Check out these tours to Moreton Island!

Aquarius Traveller, Chris Fry Tangalooma Resort
Tangalooma Flyer

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Water activities has to be one of the most popular activities when visiting any Island. You have a couple of options here to either join one of the Tours, or walk to the wrecks yourself. The Tangalooma Island resort Wrecks aren’t directly in front of the resort itself, so sometimes taking the boat might be more convenient. However it is possible to walk this yourself in 30 mins and swim out to the wrecks to explore. The are also options to bring your own Snorkel gear or hire on the Island.

Tangalooma Island Resort wrecks

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Have you ever wanted to learn to dive, or certified already? Diving the Tangalooma Wrecks is possible to organise from the Island or there are day trips running from Brisbane. This diving is also done around the wrecks and very convenient for a new Diver due to limited depth. There are over 100 species of fish and other marine life that inhabit this area including nudibranch, Sea Urchins, Eels & Wobbygong Sharks.

Check out a Diving video at Tangalooma Here

Tangalooma Wrecks - Brisbane Scuba Diving Sites Queensland

Parasailing Off Tangalooma Island Resort

Want a great view but don’t want to take the Helicopter ride? Take a short boat ride off the beach and be released into the air by a parachute, while still attached to the boat. This is an amazing experience for 360 degree views in the open air. As well as clear waters making it perfect to see dugongs, turtles and dolphins below.

Aquarius Traveller, Tangalooma
Parasailing Tangalooma Island Resort

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Wild Dolphin Feeding Experience

This is what most people come to Tangalooma Island resort for! Wild bottlenose dolphins visit the Tangalooma shores each evening at sunset. This gives you to option to see the Dolphin up close from the Jetty, or be able to feed them. Tangalooma has a government permit to run the dolphin feeding program and has a implemented very strict rules and regulations for the program.

Tangalooma Island Resort Dolphin Feeding - Aquarius Traveller - Day trips from Brisbane

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ATV Quad Bike Tour

If you after a bit of action and adventure on Tangalooma Island Resort, then the quad bike tour might be right up your alley. Tours run for about 45 mins and leave a number of times a day. Expect to drive over the beach, through a lot of sane dunes and the natural vegetation. The guides will be there every step of the way ensuring your safety, but more importantly just having some fun.

Quad Bike Aquarius Traveller
Tangalooma Island Resort Quad Bikes

Scenic Helicopter Flights over Tangalooma Island Resort

Nothing beats an aerial view of any location and the great news is a short 10 mins flight might be all you need. This makes it very easy to schedule around everything else your trying to fit in. Longer flights are available but just talk to the booking office and they will sort you out with a time.

Tangalooma Wrecks - Aquarius Traveller

Check out these tours to Moreton Island!

Segway Beach Tours

This was my first experience on a Segway and I thought being on the beach was going to make it harder. Turned out it was a lot of fun, except Matt broke his thong trying to grip (flipflops). These operate a number of times throughout the day and take you touring from the Resort all the way up the beach.

Segway Tours, Aquarius Traveller

Pelican Feeding

Tangalooma Island Resort has a number of free activities on the island, Pelican Feeding is one of them. Every morning Rangers feed the Australian Pelicans and tell you more about these beautiful looking birds. Watch out for the Cormorants too (heaps of them around) and other birds that might pop in for a visit. This all happens from the Tangalooma Jetty!

Aquarius Traveller, Pelican Feeding

Other Tangalooma Island Resort Activities

  • Banana Boat & Tube Rides
  • Catamaran Hire
  • Clear Bottom Kayak Tour
  • Catch and Release Fishing
  • Wreck Tours
  • Kookaburra Feeding
  • Boat Hire
  • Stand Up Paddle boards
  • Sunset cruise
  • Swimming Pools
  • Whale Watching Cruise (June to October)
  • 4WD Car Hire
  • Beach Bike Hire
  • Desert Safari tour with Sand Tobogganing
  • Massage Hut and Beauty Room
  • 4WD Island Bus Tour

Just to name a few….. However more info can be found Here on the Tangalooma Website!

Aquarius Traveller at Tangalooma Island Resort

Where is Tangalooma Island Resort

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Tangalooma Island Resort
Tangalooma Island Resort

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Sunset Tangalooma Island Resort


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