Review: Is Skypoint Observation Deck & Climb Worth it?

People looking at the views at Skypoint Observation Deck

The Q1 Building in Surfers Paradise a Resort & Residential hotel, but also an Observation Deck and Australia’s Highest external Building walk. But, Is it worth visiting Skypoint and what was my first-hand thoughts on it.

As a South East Queensland local, I’ve checked out the lookout point more than 20 times over the years, and completed the climb twice. Therefore, if you continue reading below, I will detail the ins and outs, my personal experience and everything else you might like to know.

In the end, this should help you decide if it’s something you should visit!

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Review: Is the Skypoint Observation Deck & Climb worth it?

Key Takeaways:
Ultimately, YES, I think the Skypoint Observation Deck is definitely worth it for the 360° beachside views (Day or Night) and the external climb being an adrenalin pumping & fun activity.

Matt and Chris Fry - View from the Q1 Building Skypoint

How much is the Observation Deck?

Entry prices start from $36 for a single entry adult, but discounts can be applied to children, weekday visits, family’s, locals, or packaging with the external climb and/or dining.

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These can be purchased online, or direct from the bottom floor of the Q1 Building. And, you can access the entry on the corner of Clifford St and Surfers Paradise Blvd.

What’s even better is your ticket cost is for the whole day, so you can exit and return several times, without paying any extra. Therefore, I recommend checking it out at least twice (during the day and night) for a very different experience.

How to get there?

Obviously, you can easily drive there, but parking bays can be hard to come by in this area and you’ll have to feed the meter based on time. It’s more convenient that the Surfers Paradise TRAM station is across the road from the Q1 building and my best recommendation for tourists to get here.

Keep in mind that the Gold Coast is not part of Brisbane, but they do share the same Public Transport network. This means you can use the same GoCard/Credit card for using the Tram and you Tap on and off the different stops.

Tip: You can click HERE to watch my YouTube on Public Transport to help get you around the Gold Coast.

The Elevator Ride

You will start your adventure in one of Australia’s fastest elevators. This takes you from the ground to level 77 in 42.7 seconds ( Yep, your ears are going to pop). You’ll exit the elevator and have free range to walk around the observation deck for as long as you like.

About the Observation Deck

The Observation Deck is situated 230m above ground and offering 360-degree views of the stunning Gold Coast. Therefore, you can sit back and take in the amazing views of the beach, cityscape and the hinterland, all from the one spot in Surfers Paradise.

While you’re wandering around you could grab a snack in the café, read up on the history and pin-point specific areas in the region from the informational boards.

Observation Deck Q1 Building

Café and food!

This level also offers high-quality hospitality with all-day dining. They have a lovely menu, but the prices are not the most budget-friendly, so I tend to just go for the views. However, they can help cater for conferencing and events and versatile to suit a range of sizes.

The Skypoint Café & Restaurant located on the 77th Floor Observation Deck

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Review of the Skypoint External Climb

After completing this climb twice, I would recommend this as a unique adventure on the Gold Coast. If I was to compare it to something else, Then the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Brisbane Story Bridge climbs come close – But, this is much, much higher and I just love the beach views.

Plus, It’s not that strenuous to walk around it, and there are plenty of stops for guided information. Once you’re at the top, you can see for miles in every direction (especially on a clear day). In fact, if you only had one day available in Surfers Paradise, this would definitely be on my list!

The hardest choice for me was deciding when to do the Skypoint Climb! During the day will be the clearest views, but completing it at night or sunset is a very different experience. This includes watching the sun hide behind the horizon (past the Gold Coast Hinterland), or seeing the night time skyline lights in the distance. I did manage to film a sunset experience and you can watch my You Tube HERE,

Check in and Cost

The Climb should be booked in advance, and an Adult ticket starts from $92. Once you check in on bottom floor, you’re directed to a room to change into a special onesie suit and harnessing gear. This is also when they go over the rules, safety and you can also be breathalysed for alcohol.

Get your Adrenalin pumping by climbing around the top of the Q1 Building

After that, the entire group is directed to the same elevator for the Observation Deck on level 77. From here, you’re walked over to a glass chamber, which is your in-between point from inside and outside and where you’re strapped into the railing system.

My First moments outside

In no time, we get to the the adrenaline pumping part, and take out first steps outside and up a ladder with about 10 steps! Then, you will be standing on a platform 270 metres above sea level and gasp at the first unrestricted (no Glass) & 360 degree views.

Sunset Views on the Skypoint Climb

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The outside climbing section

Ultimately, for those that can handle the heights, you will experience brilliant day time views or the finest sunrises or sunsets you could ever imagine. Additionally, with an easy walk of 30 metres, it is one of the must-do attractions in Surfers Paradise.

NOTE: If you are a little frightened of heights or suffer vertigo, this may not be the experience for you.

Walking up the first side of the Skypoint Climb

You’re walked along slowly, maybe 5 or so steps at a time. The guide will explain about where you are and facts about Surfers Paradise. Including, the surrounding suburbs, buildings nearby and answer any questions you might have.

Eventually, you make it to the top and where you’ll spend a bit of time getting photo’s (these are taken by your guide). You can simulate leaning over the edge or trying to fly away – it’s all in god fun!

At the Top of the Skypoint Climb - Q1 Building

Once your finished at the top, it’s a slow 30 metres down the other side and back inside.

How much time do you need?

The whole Climb experience takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours from start to finish. This includes check in, meeting downstairs to suit up, safety information, elevator to the top, complete the climb and elevator to the bottom.

Although, add on some extra time if you intend on visiting the Observation deck before or after your climb. This should be minimum 30 minutes, but could be longer with wait times on the Elevator.

NOTE: The Climb participants have priority on the elevator. But, only when your doing the climb!

Gold Coast City lights on top of the Q1 Building at the Gold Coast

Do you have safety concerns?

Know that the entire time your outside the Q1 building, your strapped into a purpose-built railing system that makes it impossible to via from the path. Because of this railing system, the order that the climbers are walked outside, is the order you’ll stay in for the entire time. While you have a little bit of freedom on the walk, you’ll essentially, move together as a group while listening to the group leaders.

The team pride themselves on diligent safety and it actually takes about 30 minutes to go through these details beforehand. If you have any concerns about safety or other things you might want to know, it could be handy to view their considerations and what restrictions are in place that may affect your booking.

Walking down the second side of the building

About the Q1 Building!

The Q1 building is a brilliant addition to visit on your Surfers Paradise Itinerary. Boasting elite and exclusive accommodation options with a penthouse that covers an entire floor. In Fact, you can select from one, two, three or four bedroom apartments, catering for the whole family or romantic experience.

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Some fun facts about Q1:

  • Highest external building climb in Australia
  • 270 metres above sea level
  • 360-degree views
  • Q1 Spire located at the summit is one of the world’s longest at 97.7m
  • Q1 is taller than the Chrysler building
  • 25th tallest building in the world – 322.5m high!
  • There is 1331 steps from the Ground Floor to level 77
Q1 Skypoint Building

Other Things you need to know

Like anywhere you plan to travel to, it is nice to become familiar with the options available to you before you get there. Therefore, here are a few things to consider when making your trip to the Q1 Building.

  • Opening hours change seasonally, and the deck closes from time to time. Check hours of operation webpage to ensure you get the up to date times.
  • Q1 offer 50 complimentary parks in the underground carpark below the Q1 Building. Therefore, guests need to register car details in the lobby whilst waiting for the lift.
  • Entry to the car park is off Hamilton Ave, down the driveway just after the resort drop off area. Consequently, the car park is 2.2 metres high and is available for the duration of your visit, open from 7:30 am until close.
  • Tour buses are welcome to drop passengers off in the Q1 Gold Coast Resort drop-off area via Hamilton Ave. But, Tour bus drivers are responsible for their parking requirements.
  • Additionally, There is full accessibility and has wheelchair access to those in need.
  • No outside food and beverages, including alcoholic, can be consumed on the Observation Deck. They are diligent with safety, and don’t allow outside glassware and knives to be bought into their facility.
Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise

Is Skypoint owned by Dreamworld?

The Skypoint Brand is part of Ardent Leisure and includes other attractions like Dreamworld and Whitewater World. You’ll find that yearly passes to Dreamworld will actually include entry tickets onto the Level 77 Skypoint Observation Deck.

However, the yearly passes don’t include the Skypoint Climb and you will have the purchase that separately.

Elevator entrance sign on the Observation Deck

Wrap up – Review: Is the Skypoint Observation Deck & Climb Worth It?

After reading the information and review my experience, do you think the Skypoint Observation Deck & Climb is worth checking out for yourself? I would like to think you would give it go, granted it’s something in your vacation budget!

If anything, I hope you found the information you were looking for, but if you’re still researching, please gather more Gold Coast information here to help you plan.

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