Review: Is Xplor Park in Mexico Worth Checking out?

Review: Is Xplor Park in Mexico Worth Checking out?

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There is an endless list of adventures when visiting Playa Del Carmen or Cancun in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. However, you’re here today to find out if the Xplor Park worth visiting and what was my personal review?

While I only experienced an entire full day trip to this adventure and fun park, this is essentially what any tourist or visitor is going to do. So, the review will be based on my experience of the park, as well as all the things to see and do. Along with everything else you need to know to help you decide if the Xplor Park is best for you to check out!

So, let’s explore your adventure-filled day and read on below!

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My Review of the Xplor Park in Mexico

I had an extremely positive experience at the Xplor Park in Mexico and it was a great way to get some exercise, while enjoying all the fun activities they offered. From the biggest and longest zip-lining adventures, to swimming and rafting in their underground rivers.

I loved the variety of activities on offer and the convenient Photo Pass option is also worth paying extra for. The price was comparable to other adventure parks around the world, but I liked that the it included food in the ticket. This means I didn’t have to spend any extra money while I was there.

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The Amphibious Vehicles were amazing fun
The Amphibious Vehicles were amazing fun

You can get your thrills and try zip lining through their beautiful jungle trails or take on their challenging obstacle courses. And, I made some brilliant memories driving around on the amphibious vehicles. Best of all, we got to explore mysterious caverns filled with natural crystal-clear rivers and underground waterfalls, which made for a fantastic experience.

In the end, my Xplor Park Review was so much fun, friendly atmosphere and a great day out! (Our big smiles below tells you how much fun we had)

The Xplor Park was a fun and adventurous Day Trip
The Xplor Park was a fun and adventurous Day Trip

Is the Xplor Park Worth Visiting?

When it comes to a quintessential Mexican vacation, Yes, the Xplor Park is absolutely worth visiting! This unique adventure and archaeological park offers a host of fun activities such as zip-lining, rope bridges, amphibious vehicles and exploring cenotes, and stunningly beautiful rock formations.

So if you’re looking to explore some truly unique cultural offerings while having tons of fun, the Xplor Park in Mexico should make your list!

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The Random water falls to keep you cool when wandering the park
The Random water falls to keep you cool when wandering the park

Where is it & MAP ?

The Xplor Park is located in Riviera Maya (a district of the Yucatan Peninsula), situated in the jungle near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This is about 1-hour drive south of Cancun and 10 minutes from Playa Del Carman. Clearly, it would be easier to visit from Playa Del Carmen, but there are plenty of tourists that day trip down from Cancun.

This can be organised with you’re own transport or purchasing day tours with Transport.

(Please click here for the Map Directory Link to open or apply directions from your location)

Map from Cancun too Xplor Park in Mexico

Organised Tours to Xplor Park

Do you need help organising Transport and tours to the Xplor Park? Then, you can choose between purchasing the entrance ticket and finding your own way there. Or purchasing all inclusive tickets with transport from Playa Del Carman or Cancun, hotel pick-up, or priority access.

To save money, you also have options for purchasing multi-park tickets to the other associated parks like Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xichen Deluxe, Xenotes, Xoximilco, Xavage, Xenses, Xibalba & Xplor Fuego.

➡  Compare prices for Entry tickets & Park Bundles HERE With Get your Guide, or find more options HERE with Viator Tours.

TIP: Purchase a photo pass with your ticket or when you arrive at the Park. Photos are taken of you all over the park and provided in a digital USB at the end of the day. (Read more on that below)

Things to see & do in the Park

Know that the Xplor Park is huge and requires a decent amount of walking, but the layout is easy to follow. Before making a bee-line for the activities, ensure that you have applied biodegradable sunscreen, fitted your safety helmet correctly, and placed your gear in the lockers.

The Safety helmets provided are to be worn at all times. Still, exceptions are allowed when eating at the restaurant or snack bars.

Xplor Park Opening hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Heart of Xplor Mexico

The mosaic-designed “El Corazon” or “The Heart” is the entrance to Xplor and where your adventure begins. It’s set in the centre of the park, where lockers are located to store your bags. Can you believe you can actually hear the heart beating, and it often helps you find your way since all roads lead here?

I recommend using the hydration stations to refuel and use them as the meeting point for the paths that lead to the various activities. Additionally, there are direction boards with a ‘Traffic Light’ system (red, yellow, green) indicating to visitors just how busy each activity currently is.

"El Corazon" or "The Heart" is the entrance to Xplor Park in Mexico
“The Heart” is the entrance to Xplor Park in Mexico


This is where the real adrenaline-pumping adventure begins and the highlight of the Xplor Park. There are 14 different zip lines divided into two separate circuits. Overall, this equals a total of 2.4 miles (3.8 km) of smooth zip-line to fly along.

Glide down through the verdant canopies of the Riviera Maya jungle on one of the many Zip Lines. Reach heights of 45 Metres ( 147 Feet) above the ground while soaking in the glorious views of the Caribbean and surrounding archaeological wonders.

Prepare for some walking, as well as climbing stairs when going from one Zip-line to the next. Not only that, but you even have a slippery slide, suspension bridges, zipping through a waterfall, and even landing in a cenote. Is that sounds exciting, then click HERE to check out YouTube Video to see my experience first hand!

The Zip Lines are your biggest highlight at the Xplor Park
The Zip Lines are your biggest highlight at the Xplor Park

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The Amphibious Vehicles

Without a doubt, the next best activity for getting your heart racing is the Amphibious Vehicles. And you can get your rev on with 2 jungle-bashing circuits of 5kms or 3 miles each, or even change drivers as you’re moving along.

Venture into dark, flooded caves, splash through puddles, under waterfalls, over bridges, and navigate rocky labyrinths. Unquestionably unlike anything you’ll find in any other adventure park, the Amphibious Vehicles are not to be missed! Check out how much fun we had in the YouTube HERE.

We had so much fun driving the Amphibious Vehicles
We had so much fun driving the Amphibious Vehicles

Underground River Rafting

Next up, you might like to choose the scenic and tranquil Xplor River Rafting experience. These rafts can hold a single rider, a couple, or maybe a family of four with kids. Your given hand Paddles or propelling devices that look much like Flip-Flops (Or Thongs for the Aussies). You use these to gently glide around the river system caves while gazing at the uniquely formed stalagmites and stalactites.

You can follow two different courses, one at 570 metres (623 yards) and the other at 530 metres (580 yards). The whole experience is slow-moving and a leisure activity, but it does give a slight upper-body workout.

The River Rafting was interesting
The River Rafting was interesting

Underground River Swim

Very similar to the River Rafting, you also have the River Swim ( minus the raft). This is 400 metres ( 430 Yards) long and takes you back millions of years in a beautiful subterranean oasis. This includes through twists and turns and swimming lengthy caves with stalagmites and stalactites.

Gently glide through ( Breaststroke or dog paddle) while admiring the soft lights reflecting off the limestone rock walls. It creates a mystical atmosphere and leads you to wonder what surprise might be around the next bend. One of those surprises is a waterfall, which just happens to come from one of the Ziplining towers.

Overall, it’s mesmerising and well worth the experience to fit the River Swim into your day.

The caves were stunning in lights on the River swim
The caves were stunning in lights on the River swim

Hammock Splash

What do you get when you combine the thrill of Zip-Lines and kicking back in a traditional Riviera Maya-style hammock? It the Mexican Hammock Splash, of course!

Try to relax and enjoy the scenery as you soar through the dense, green jungle between rocky outcrops, finishing with a splash landing in one of the beautifully pristine cenotes. You have some choices here, and you can either go solo or cuddle up with someone special in a double hammock.

The Hammock Splash landed in the water
The Hammock Splash landed in the water

Xplor Fuego

You can’t go past Xplor Fuego, which is experiencing the park at night when it is lit only by tiki torches:

  • Fly through the jungle and a ring of fire on a 7 zip-line circuit
  • Traverse the 5km track in an amphibious vehicle, only lit by torches
  • Float through the stalactite caves illuminated in soft blue and orange hues
  • Raft along underground where the lighting gives the impression of floating on a river of lava
  • Trek along the spelunking hike
  • Make a splash on the hammock zip-line

Xplor Fuego Opening hours are from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm.

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Is the Xplor Park Photo Pass worth it?

Another fantastic concept at the park is the Xplor Photo pass, and definitely worth the extra cost ( About $59US). Throughout the park, there are many camera stations where you can pose for photos (or taken without you knowing).

Surprisingly, all of your safety helmets are fitted with a chip that activates the cameras and subsequently tags the pictures with unique identifiers so that when you are ready to view, all of your photos can be found in one place.

Visitors can choose to purchase the entire Photo Pass package or purchase photos individually.

Although the Photo pass might seem expensive at first, I would totally recommend it as you don’t have to carry a camera around yourself, plus you get about 100 digital photos in the end.

NOTE: Most the photo’s added to this blog today were taken of us with the Photo Pass

The Xplor Photo Pass is well worth the extra money
The Xplor Photo Pass is well worth the extra money

Check out my Photo Gallery for sample tourism images needed for websites, blog posts, magazines articles, Marketing and/or Advertisement’s.

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How do you get there?

From Cancun

The Adventure Park is just under an hour from Cancun, approximately 55 km (35 miles) from Cancun International airport. Just travel straight down Federation Highway 307 – you can’t miss it. 

Visitors can choose to hire a car, book a taxi, or take advantage of the public transport that drops you right at the gates. Alternatively, you can book organised tours with transportation and hotel pick-up if you don’t have your own car.

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From Playa Del Carmen

Only 10 minute’s drive from Playa Del Carmen, heading south along Federation Highway 307. We chose to get a Taxi from our hotel and purchased our ticket online a few weeks before. However, driving yourself is still manageable, or you can purchase organised tours for transportation.

There were water slides to get from one Zip line to another
There were water slides to get from one Zip line to another

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What does the ticket include?

This is your best all-inclusive fun, but what does the ticket include? Your answer is everything below, all within one great park.

  • Faster entry if you purchased your ticket online.
  • All the Zip Lines you can handle within the 2 circuits.
  • Self Driving tours on an Amphibious Vehicle over Bridges and through caves.
  • Paddle of Rafts through cenotes.
  • Swim through a river cave system with stalactites.
  • Check out the recently added Underground Expedition!
  • The Hammock Splash ride.
  • Snacks are available at the restaurant. This includes cookies, fruit, smoothies, and flavoured fresh water.
  • Your lunchtime meal served as a buffet is included in the ticket cost.
  • One locker for you to use to store your belongings.
  • Bathrooms, rest areas, and change rooms
  • Included Wi-Fi ( although I wonder if you’ll get time to use it), ATM, and souvenir shops.
  • Free Car Parking.

➡  Compare prices for Entry tickets & Park Bundles HERE With Get your Guide, or find more options HERE with Viator Tours.

How much does the Park Cost?

When I first looked at the cost, I was a bit surprised. But, After seeing everything that was included, along with the whole experience on the day – I believe the price is worth it! The only extra charge involved for us was the Taxi from our Playa Del Carmen hotel ( About $10 to 15 US) and the Photo pass ( About $59 US).

Generally, your basic ticket prices are as below (2023):

  • Adult $ 2,456 MXN ( Est $130 US, $188 AUD)
  • Child $ 1,228 MXN ( EST $65 US, $93 AUD)

Do you need the entire day to visit?

In the midst of this fun and exciting experience, visitors should allocate enough time to enjoy all that the park has to offer. This means I think you should allocate the entire day for your ultimate adventure. Although, if you’re a bit strapped for time, it could be feasible in a half-day. 

What Happens when it rains?

The Xplor Park doesn’t close when it rains or bad weather. But extreme weather might be what forces the Park to restrict activities. For me, I would still Zip Line in the rain, and you’re already getting wet, what’s is the difference?

Obviously, everyone would love a nice sunny day for an experience like this, but don’t let it spoil your holiday. Therefore, if it’s raining, you can still give it a go!

Do you get wet?

Splashing around at Xplor Park in Mexico is an absolute must when visiting Cancún! Yes, you will undoubtedly get wet here – after all, there’s ziplining through waterfalls, toboggans that zip you through the rivers, and slides down river rapids.

Therefore, use the changing room available or get into your swimming or bathing suit before you arrive. We ended up taking a change of clothes after finishing for the day. But, apart from that, we were in our bathing suits all day for the activities and lunch.

There are Ziplines that go through waterfalls and land in the river
There are Ziplines that go through waterfalls and land in the river

Do you have to zipline at Xplor?

You don’t have to take part in the thrilling zipline experience if that’s not your idea of fun. And know that there are still plenty of other things you can enjoy while you’re there. However, did you know that most of the fun at Xplor is on the ziplines? So if you don’t take part, I think you’re really missing out!

How long does it take to do all the Ziplines?

It will take about 1 hour to conquer the Ziplines at Xplor, but this depends on the crowds and how quickly the staff gets you through. I do recommend starting with the Ziplines as soon as you get there, as they can be busier throughout the day.

Is there a weight limit?

The minimum weight required to participate at Xplor is 88 lbs (40 kg), and the maximum weight limit is 300 lbs(136 kg.). While the minimum height required is 3.6 ft( just over 1 metre). Anywhere in between, and you’re ready to go out and explore an unforgettable experience at one of the most iconic attractions in Mexico.

What should you wear?

When looking for the perfect outfit to wear, swimmers and board shorts are great options whether you’re spending a day at the Xplor Park. Although, make sure to bring along a rash shirt for extra sun protection from the sweltering summer heat.

Waterproof shoes will also come in handy when walking around as they can provide you with grip on slippery surfaces, so you don’t take an unexpected dip. Picking out what to wear doesn’t have to be complicated, but handy if you bring a change of clothes to wear for the trip home.

You had no idea what to expect around each corner
You had no idea what to expect around each corner

Can you bring your Go Pro?

Absolutely yes! The Xplor Park welcomes your Go Pro camera and you can see that in the links of Ziplining and the Amphibious Vehicle above. Have fun snapping away as you traverse through all of the unique attractions, but know that I used the GoPro and still purchased the Photo Pass package.

Should you Zipline if you’re afraid of heights?

Truthfully Matt, is afraid of heights and he had no hesitation in doing any of the activities here. Unlike bungee jumping or skydiving, ziplining involves being safely suspended in a harness and isn’t too far above the ground.

Do you wear a Helmet?

Yes, everyone who visits Xplor Park is required to wear a helmet! It’s the best way to stay safe while you explore different Zip Line Canopy Tours, ATV rides, and more across the incredible park. (It also contains the chip recognition needed for the photo pass)

Can you wear Flip Flops or Thongs?

Flip Flops or Thongs have become a typical wardrobe staple in recent years. However, they’re not ideal for The Xplor Park as they don’t offer much protection against things like splinters and cuts. In addition, their poor traversal on wet or uneven terrain makes them a risky proposition even in the best of conditions, along with having them falling off during a Zip-line.

Instead, it’s better to stick with closed-in waterproof shoes for your adventures, which was exactly what we brought along to wear! However, I have heard that you can purchase some in the Xplor Gift Shop, which costs around $30US.

The Xplor park is so much fun for the whole family
The Xplor park is so much fun for the whole family

When is the Best Time of Year to visit?

The Park is a wonderful place to visit no matter what time of year you decide to go. Its lush jungles and underground rivers provide the perfect spot for adventure lovers all year round! That said, if you’re looking to truly maximize your experience, March to October may be the best time to go.

During the warmer months, crowds tend to swell ( especially in summer, around June to August), but that only adds to the sense of fun and excitement.

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About Xcaret

Xcaret is where it all began. It was the original, and now the most emblematic, eco-tourism and recreation park in the Riviera Maya. With over 50 natural and cultural attractions sprawled throughout the Caribbean jungle, visitors will experience all there is to love about Mexico.

The first thing to remember about Xcaret is that it has been designed to offer the most leisurely experience in the Riviera Maya. Wade and splash your way through the various water activities, step back in history by exploring ancient Mayan ruins and life in a traditional village, and tantalize your taste buds with an extraordinary gastronomical journey.

Additionally, you can get up close and personal with exotic sea life, a rainbow of beautiful birds, stunning rainforest flora, and other gorgeous native animals.

We needed more time to complete Xcaret on our visit to Mexico. However, there is a Mexican Culture Dinner & dance show performed in the evening. We loved seeing this show and would recommend it to everyone for the colour, artistic expression, and to learn about the Spanish culture.

Xplor or Xcaret – Which one is Better?

If you’re looking to maximize your time in the Riviera Maya, Xplor and Xcaret are two great options. So how do you decide which one to visit? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for! Are you interested in an action-packed adventure or a quiet day at the beach side of Mexico’s natural paradise?

Therefore, if adventure and thrills are your cup of tea, head to Xplor. However, if the serenity of untouched nature is more your style, then opt for Xcaret.

NOTE – I wanted the adventure, and obviously we chose to do a full day at the Xplor Park. However, I was also interested in seeing the Xcaret México Espectacular Show and booked that for one of my free evenings. 

Attending the  Xcaret México Espectacular Show
Attending the Xcaret México Espectacular Show

Other things to do in the area

Are you staying in Playa Del Carmen or Cancun and looking for other things to do? Then see the brief list below. We had a few amazing travelling experiences around the area, and it had to be one of our favourite holidays. Check out some of these below:

Beachside Entertainment at Playa Del Carmen
Beachside Entertainment at Playa Del Carmen

About Cancun

Comparable to Australia’s Gold Coast, Cancun essentially consists of 2 cities – the Zona Hotelera and El Centro Cancun.

➡  Compare Accommodation HERE in Cancun or find others HERE in Playa Del Carmen.

Zona Hotelera consists of:

Discover a paradise of 34km of immaculate, creamy white sand along the Caribbean coast. Conquer your wanderlust with world-renowned and characteristic accommodations and resorts. Explore shopping plazas and promenades, or enjoy traditional as well as international eateries, taverns, and salsa clubs pulsing with energy!

In El Centro Cancun you will find:

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, there are plenty of options, from hotels and motels to backpacking accommodations. Additionally, with more traditional forms of entertainment such as bars, restaurants, cafes, and street food eateries to vibrant music venues with live performances at salsa clubs.

For convenience stores or corner shops nearby can provide all your essentials; plus, if shopping is what you crave, then a visit to Mercado 28 – an amazing indoor-outdoor marketplace packed full of handcrafted gifts, souvenirs stalls, clothing boutiques, and eateries.

Wrap up – Review: Is Xplor Park in Mexico worth visiting?

Based on My Review of the Xplor Park and everything I mentioned above – Do you think it’s worth visiting? I think it’s pretty clear that we both enjoyed ourselves and would definitely go back there again.

Thanks for reading this blog post today, and I hope you found the information you were looking for. However, If you’re trying to find more information and planning tools, please check out my other Mexico features on the blog.

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