Amazing Flinders Beach Camping on North Stradbroke Island

Flinders Beach Camping - Zone 8 - North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

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There are many different ways to enjoy and stay at North Stradbroke Island. However, If you like camping on the beach, you might appreciate giving Flinders Beach Camping a try!

After a weekend of camping at Zone 8 and then checking out some of the other sites. I’m hoping the information you get below will help you decide if it’s suited for you. The blog below will explain how to get there, the facilities available and what to expect.

Flinders Beach Camping Video

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How to get to Flinders Beach Camping on Stradbroke

Sealink South East Queensland will provide you a vehicle transport, or a passenger ferry, to get from Cleveland to Stradbroke Island. The trip takes about 45 minutes, and they have ferries leaving almost every hour throughout the day. 

The ferry departs from Cleveland on the south side of Brisbane. 12 Emmett Drive, Cleveland (Toondah Harbour). After your ferry to Stradbroke, you will arrive at the Dunwich Boat Harbour.

Stradbroke Island ferry prices will vary on passenger numbers, time of day, and vehicle size. It’s best to check the website for your specific circumstances. The Car ferry service has Bathrooms on board, as well as a small café and access around the boat.

Please also check SeaLinks website here for Stradbroke Island Day trip deals and special offers.

North Stradbroke Island Ferry service

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Where Is the Flinders Beach Camping

Flinders Beach Is located on the North Side of the island. You can book over 200 sites across 12 zones each night. Here the surf is still around, but not as high as Main Beach or Point Lookout. Additionally, this means it’s great for low-key swimming, watercrafts like paddle boarding, and shallow waters. The perfect spot to take the kids for a family holiday!

(Please click here for the Map Directory Link to open or apply directions from your location)

Flinders Beach Camping - North Stradbroke Island
Flinders Beach Camping – North Stradbroke Island

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Beach Camping options on North Stradbroke Island

There are several different Camping options all around North Stradbroke Island. This includes Caravan Parks, which are easily accessible by any vehicle. Alternatively, there are two different Beach Camping options ( Main Beach & Flinders Beach), and you will need a 4 wheel drive vehicle for both. As a result, these are the only two Stradbroke Island Beaches you can drive on.

Flinders Beach Camping

Flinders Beach is the other beach you can drive on, which is only 8 kilometres long. The Flinders Beach camping can be more convenient with a few toilets available. Furthermore, this is not available at every site, and you will still need your own shower and water.

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Main Beach Camping

Main Beach runs 38 kilometres down the entire east coast side of the Island. We drove about 30 minutes down here on our last visit and got about halfway. Keep in mind, Main Beach camping is all off-grid self-sufficient camping. This means there are no bathrooms supplied and you will need all your own gear, including water.

Flinders Beach Camping - Zone 8 - North Stradbroke Island, Queensland
Flinders Beach Camping – Zone 8 – Stradbroke Island

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Permit for Flinders Beach Camping

If you’re wanting to drive on any beach, you will need a four-wheel drive, along with a permit to be on the Stradbroke Island beaches. Ultimately, this will open up the entire Island to you and things to do, as well as the beach camping options.

Both the Camping sites and 4 wheel driving permits can be purchased together on the Minjerribah Camping website. You need to watch out for the Stradbroke Island Tide Times to ensure you don’t get caught on high tide. In fact, you need to be off the beaches, 1 hour either side of high tide.

Current prices in 2021 are $20.55 per person to camp and a 1 month Beach access permit is $54.55. You can collect the tent tags and Vehicle access permit from Amity Point Campground office reception, 1 basin Drive, Amity Point. You need to collect this before going to the beach and normally sitting outside reception in an alphabetical folder box. Furthermore, there are no check-in and check-out times as you are bound by tide times.

Note: You can collect the Main Beach camping permits and Vehicle access passes (no camping), from Adder Rock Campgrounds.

Car Access to Zone 8 Camping Site
Car Access to Zone 8 Camping Site

Flinders Beach Camping Zones

Click HERE to view the Flinders camping site map ( or look below)and see the areas have 12 Zones, grouped together in 3 sections and each site is around 6 metres x 6 metres in size. There are about 20 sites available in each zone, but to preserve vegetation growth, there could be less available to book.

You will bring all your water with you to the Flinders Beach Camping site. However, you can refill at Adder rock or Amity Point Campgrounds when running out.

You’re booking a zone ( not a site), when organising Flinders beach camping sites. Therefore, it’s a first-in best-dressed to the sites available. Therefore, there are no guaranteed beach views to any of the Flinders Beach camping bookings. You could book out of school, holidays, and busy weekends. Equally important, arriving as early as possible to hold your site.

Composting Toilet at Zone 7 - Flinders Beach Camping
Composting Toilet at Zone 7 – Flinders Beach Camping

Flinders Beach Camping Zones Map

  • Zone or Track 1 to 6 – Is accessed from the beach and has a composting toilet at zone 3 & 5. Along with a Chemical dump point at Zone 5. These sites appear to have less tree coverage and more beach direct beach views.
  • Track or Zone 7 & 8 – Is accessed during high tides from behind the camping sites. A composting toilet is available at zone 7. Additionally, there are lots of trees for shade and a 100 metre walk to see the beach. Although you can hear the crashing waves during the night.
  • Zone or tracks 9 to 12 – All off-grid self-sufficient camping with no toilet and high tide access from behind the Sites. These sites also appear to have fewer trees and better direct beach views.
Flinders Beach Camping Site Map
Flinders Beach Camping Site Map

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Are there toilets at Flinders Beach?

You have the composting toilets at Zone 3, 5, and 7, and you can walk from the neighbouring zones to access them. Alternative toilets and showers are available at the Adder Rock Camping grounds by purchasing the Shower Access cards. You can purchase these cards between 8am and 4pm at the Adder Rock Reception area and are currently priced at $10 per campsite per night. Consequently, driving to these showers from the beach, is the only way to access.

Zone 8 - flinders Beach Camping Sites - Stradbroke Island
Zone 8 – Flinders Beach Camping Sites

Are dogs allowed at Flinders Beach Camping

The short answer is “YES”.

While you can take domestic animals to North Stradbroke Island, there are limitations. You need to be mindful of these limitations and check to see if your accommodation of camping sites accepts them. Flinders Beach allows two dogs per site booked. Consequently, they will need the leash ON at all times, and you need to ensure they don’t affect the native wildlife or make excessive noise.

Please click HERE for more information on Dogs.

Dogs at Flinders Beach Camping Sites
Dogs at Flinders Beach Camping Sites

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Are Camp Fires allowed

Yes, you’re allowed cooking Campfires at any of the Flinders Beach Camping sites. With this in mind, you do need to know about any camping bans in place, which can override this allowance.

Camp Fires at Flinders Beach - Stradbroke Island
Camp Fires at Flinders Beach – Stradbroke Island

Suggested Packing List for Camping

Most gear arrangements will differ for everyone, but I’ve mentioned a few things you might need to consider when staying at the Flinders Beach camping zone on Minjerribah or Stradbroke Island.


  • We generally sleep in a Double/Queen Swag, or on stretcher beds with a self inflating Mattress.. You might also consider an Air Bed, but all this is dependant on the area, how many people and whether you’re driving away from the vehicle. We stayed at Finders Beach for a couple of nights, so the Gazebo and Inner Tent Hub was great!
  • Sleeping bags are very good for keeping warm, but sometimes we unfold them to use as underlayers. This is either under the mattress or between the stretcher bed and Mattress.
  • For coverage, we use a 3×3 Gazebo, sometimes with the swag or a Gazebo Tent Inner Hub. Or alternatively, just using the 2.5 4WD Awing off the side of the Pajero. This keep small twigs, branches or anything else from falling on us in the middle of the night.
  • Another option could be some sort of 2 to 15 people Tents suitable for your size family. You might need to check the site sizes at Flinders Beach, if you have a large setup.
  • Extra Blankets for warmth, but consider rubber mats or a picnic blanket for added warmth under a swag or tent. This will help in the winter and stop the cold coming up from the sand.


  • There could be a wide variety of Kitchen Cookware you need from Kettles, fry pans, saucepans, plates and containers. We cook with a Gas Burner and purchase the Gas cylinders when we need them.
  • We have two sets of Chairs. Firstly for comfortability, we use the Quad Folding Chairs, especially if we have enough room. Alternatively, we can use smaller beach Chairs to save some room in the car, but these are also handy to walk down to the beach for viewing the Sunrise/Sunset.
  • Fire Pits are also handy if your staying somewhere you can use them. You’ll have to check the Fire Bans particular to your visit, they might only allow fires for Cooking or nothing at all. You’re also banned from lighting a fire on the beach.
  • Firewood – Must be milled and brought into the park. Fines apply to those using wood from the beach, even if it’s on the ground.


  • Mosquito Spray or Coils for burning around your campsite to deter bugs or nets over sleeping areas.
  • Camp Lighting is important and we use anything from LED lighting to torches and rechargeable battery types. We ensure variety, so we always have some around.
  • Off grid camping will sometimes be handy or require Bathroom accessories from Portaloo’s, ensuite tents and Showers. This will come in handy for the Flinders Beach sites that don’t have a toilet supplied.
  • Fridge installed in your car to store all your food, or maybe Esky’s, Ice Box or Coolers.
  • Clean Water for drinking and Showers. There is water available at Adder Rock Ground Camp ground, but you will need to drive to get there.
  • We have never used a Generator, but it is a consideration for us later. However, note the requirements for the camping site on time restrictions and make sure you’re allowed to use them.
  • Ensure you invest in some good Recovery Gear, especially for beach camping. This includes some MaxTrax, Toeing straps and a shovel. Shovel will also come in handy for the fire.

Flinders Beach Camping Guidelines or Rules

  • No Damage is to be made to the trees and scrubs.
  • Ensure your camping tag is displayed on your site, or there could be a fine.
  • Do not disturb or harm the wildlife.
  • There are no Check in and Check out times. These are controlled by Tide Times.
  • Campsite are 6×6 metre in size and strictly one vehicle is allowed. 
  • Camp Fires are only allowed when there is no fire ban.
  • No digging trenches.
  • Do not tie tent ropes to trees, fencing or campground facilities.
  • Collect and take all rubbish with you. 
  • Leave only footprints and take only photos. 
  • Speed limit to drive on Flinders Beach is 40 Kilometres per hour
  • Driving is not permitted on beach within 1 hour either side of High tide.
  • Anyone camping in a zone not allocated, may be fined.

About North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke, or Minjerribah, is a sub-tropical island with crystal clear waters, located 30 km southeast of Brisbane, Queensland. It’s the world’s second-largest sand island with a length of about 38 kilometres and 11 kilometres wide. The Quandamooka people have lived around this area of Australia for tens of thousands of years.

Things to do on North Stradbroke Island

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Kookaburra Flinders Beach Camping Zone 8
Kookaburra, Flinders Beach Camping Zone 8

Wrap Up to Flinders Beach Camping

Thanks for reading my blog post today on Flinders Beach camping and I hope you found the information you were looking for. If you like camping at the beach then you might want to check out the Ocean Beach Camping Zones at Bribie Island.

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